GPS on ski map by Maprika: Top Mobile Map Application


GPS on Ski map by Maprika is a mobile application designed for tourists, skiers, bicycle-travelers, hikers, and businessmen traveling a lot.

It has an extensive repertoire of features, putting together versatility and simplicity in one elegant solution called Maprika. Coming at $0 price, it will surely make an excellent traveling companion of yours.

Off we go with Maprika!

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The application specializes in supplying you with up-to-date maps, weather updates, snow reports, GPS navigation and so forth.

The rich functionality includes:

  • Maps – both online and downloadable, they will give you knowledge on the landscape, university campuses, weather, diners and cafes, hotels, administrative buildings, etc. Especially Maprika is well-informed about ski resorts: go to any skiing area on Earth, and you will see them scattered all around.
  • Ratings – you can learn about a hiking trail, ski resort, cycling route through the Twitter feeds written and shared by other travelers.
  • GPS-tracking – the feature tracks your journey, which can be viewed by your friends and family in real time. Moreover, you can export your tracking to another device in order to perfect the trip route for the next time. It can be put on pause if you need to extend the battery life.
  • Design maps – Maprika allows you to make original maps with the help of the Picture Gallery, photo camera or even drawing apps like SketchBook.

Maprika has a truly astonishing cornucopia of maps: more than 10, 000 available currently. Their number grows all the time and also maps designed by the Maprika adepts can be shared within the user community.

Map Collection

Maprika has digitalized versions of the paper maps as well – they can be downloaded in the Nearby section under All Maps category. Some of them are relatively new: for example, printed in 2012. Meanwhile, others are true relics: you can find maps dated back to 1978 and perhaps even older.

In case you fret that your phone may lose the signal when you ascend high in the mountains or you need to run through your route one more time while on the plane – rebuff all worries. Maprika allows you to save highlighted map areas so they can be checked even if you fail to find Wi-Fi signal. Especially when in Cordillera mountains or amidst a thick Tuvin forest.

If the signal is fine and you urgently need to locate a specific destination – Maprika’s side online services will come to the rescue. Among them you will find:

  • Google Satellite.
  • OpenCycleMap.
  • Bing Road & Satellite.
  • USGS Topo.
  • ArcGIS.

And others.

If you need to find a specific place: a German city, French-Italian highway, Swiss ski resort – tap the search bar and type in the name of the object in question.

Is Maprika worth trying?

Definitely yes. The app is intuitive, easy to use, reliable and absolutely brilliant when it comes to locating ski trails/resorts.

It has an expansive assortment of maps from all over the world, integrated online cartographical services, cached data feature, GPS navigation and much more. It allows you to stay in touch with your friends while traveling and keep track of their journey route. All free of charge.

GPS on Ski map by maprika will make sure that you won’t get lost. Ever again.

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