Collection of apps for Android to install in the first place


Once you have purchased a new smartphone, you first need to install some apps to in the beginning of its use to acquire unpleasant moments and provide comfort and safety in the future. This antivirus, browser, applications to protect your data, clean up memory and backup.

Clean Master

In order to regularly clean your phone from unwanted debris and prevent bugs of the phone, you must have the app Clean Master. This is the most downloadable application that will free its memory, clean junk cache and allow you to work faster.

When you first open, the app immediately looks for garbage and offers to clean it. On the main screen you can see the percentage of used memory and storage, the buttons have a cleansing of debris, speed up phone, save energy, antivirus. In the tools tab you can configure the cleanup notifications, cool phone, clean power consuming apps. The application has a function of safe Internet, which zrazy cleans personal data. Using the Application Manager you can clear unnecessarily. Applications can be sorted by date, name, size. Additionally, you can configure the application lock. Advantages of the app is the speed and quality of cleaning. The drawback is   large amount of advertising.

CM Locker

Undoubtedly, everyone wants to protect your smartphone from hacking, sudden penetration, or to protect secret information. This will help the application CM Locker. When opening the app immediately checks the security level of the device and offers to fix the problem.

The application CM Locker on the view tab you can change the splash screen of the main screen, choose the theme lock screen download interesting launcher. On the security tab, you can create a password lock main screen (you can choose among 8 types). After you set the password on the main password CM Locker offers to protect other apps (such as gallery, phone, camera, etc.). In addition, you can configure the theft protection (you need to synchronize with your Facebook account). CM Locker is committed to a picture of someone who put the password in a certain number of times (can be set manually) and send photos to your email.

CM Security

As many know, downloading apps from the Internet or simple enjoyment they may bring harm to your smartphone. To protect the device from viruses and safer use of the Internet, you will need the application CM Security.

The app immediately offers to scan your phone for viruses. On the main screen are buttons clean junk files, speed up phone, save energy, AppLock. On the acceleration tab, you can optimize the phone memory. With energy saving you can put down unnecessary apps to conserve battery. AppLock will help you to block applications with a special password, to avoid the intrusion of outsiders to them. In addition, the application has functions of safe Internet and Wi-Fi, scan files, security downloads, phone finder and much more. CM Security has a large number of ads, download the paid version of this application. But if you fix this, can use and free.

Google Chrome

Smartphones in modern times give us unlimited Internet access, enrich us with a huge amount of useful information, allow you to be aware of all news and events, chat with friends and acquaintances. As without browser possible to implement all of the above points? Therefore, buying a new smartphone, don’t forget to install the browser. To your attention all known and popular Google Chrome browser.

The design of the browser is a little different from Google Chrome for PC. In the right menu, you can open a new tab, view bookmarks in different folders, open the recent tab, view history and downloaded files. You can also choose to display pages in mobile or full version. Page bookmark, share them with friends, save pages for later reading them in offline mode. As in the PC version, there is incognito mode, which allows you to view a page and not leave a record in history.

Titanium Backup

To protect yourself from unexpected loss of important data, including saving from different applications and games, you need to back them up. To cover all need in the future without problems and to restore, you will need a special application. This will help us Titanium Backup.

This app is quite functional. It may need root-rights. Backups can be transferred as a memory card, and cloud storage. Titanium Backup can memorize SMS, contacts, call log, bookmarks, WIFI access points, accounts, data apps and games, and to convert user app to system and Vice versa.

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