21 System android app

  1. Titanium Backup Р root app to backup all your data, applications, settings on your Android e (user and system). Plus there is some handy functionality Рmigrate all apps to the card, uninstall system applications (which in the standard way are not deleted) and so on. The app need root rights a
  2. Llama, Atooma is the app with which you can teach your phone to do anything, depending on the different conditions of time, location, events, and so on. and so.
  3. WiFi TXpower – with this app you will be able to conserve your battery by limiting the power of the WiFi module. Requires root and allows. Battery consumption drops almost when needed to a minimum, and the distance of reliable reception becomes about 70-100 cm for home/transport use.
  4. Android Lost, Cerberus (paid) – using one of these programs you will be able to find your lost or stolen phone, or monitor (monitor) members of the family. Capabilities: positioning, audio recording, getting photos with front or back camera, list Suchkov, SMS, sending teams SMS (if the phone is not available on the Internet) and much more.
  5. Du Battery Saver is the app to conserve your battery. Distinguished by the fact that shows predicted operating time from the battery, either an estimated time you spend on charging your android device. In the paid version you can even see statistics of when and how you charged you phone, and how he died. In addition, there is a standard set of buns – Manager of processes, profiles, energy consumption, closing all unnecessary processes to optimize, and so on. and so.
  6. Battery Widget – widget which shows the battery status of your Android devices: charge level, voltage, temperature, battery status (how it is done), battery type and status (charging or not).
  7. Ampere – shows how current is the charge of the device, thanks to this application you can figure out the charging or the wire will be faster to charge your Android device. The same can be done without the app, if you go to the service (engineering) menu and find something like BatteryChargingActivity
  8. Advanced Mobile Care is an Interesting app with a nice interface, which in itself has several useful features. Check mobile phone for viruses, how much memory used in cache applications, what stuff you can clean on the phone (SMS, calls, browser history, etc.). The power modes, game booster (judging by the reviews works bad), app Manager (delete, move from card to card, etc.), stop task (you can configure for example that all unnecessary processes are closed when you turn off the screen). And that’s what I liked about this app – analysis of all installed applications on which they have rights. That is, you can easily find out which apps can send SMS and delete them. In addition, the app itself is fine-adjusted.
  9. AnTuTu Benchmark – one of the best known and most commonly used benchmarks for Android devices. With this application you can test your device performance, battery (and other characteristics) which is measured in number of points scored in the course of testing and compared with other devices.
  10. Android Terminal Emulator – terminal Emulator Linux. To output the available commands, type “busybox”. If you enter the command, you see the error “/system/bin/sh: command: not found” then use the following syntax “busybox command”
  11. CPU Spy is a simple and small utility that shows very important information. You can see how much time your CPU on an Android device on a particular frequency or in a deep sleep.
  12. CPU-Z – Popular and well-known Windows program to display information about the hardware of the computer now and talk about the internals of the android device. Useful when you need to watch the filling of one or other android device- downloaded, watched and deleted. Sense to keep permanently installed on the device no unnecessary consumption of resources.
  13. Android System Info – technical information about your android device: processor, sensors, OS, applications, and so on. and so.
  14. Elixir 2 is the app similar to the previous one: technical information about your android device: processor, sensors, OS, applications, and so on. and so.
  15. Launch engineer mode MTK – the app does a simple task – runs the engineering menu and nothing more. Engineering menu can be run through a set of code *#*#3646633#*#* , but if You are too lazy to type this code or for some reason does not cause the engineering menu, this unpretentious app will be useful for you.
  16. inSSIDer – with the help of this android app you can view the list of available wifi networks and their protection, mac address, signal strength, the channel on which they operate, utilization of a channel. With this information, you can optimize your Wi-Fi network.
  17. Fing – wifi scans for the presence of hosts, scans the open ports to those hosts and reports a lot of interesting things.
  18. NetGuard a firewall. You can fine-tune permissions and rules for installed applications. If you want to block all advertising, you will need the alternative version here.
  19. RS – Hardware Keyboard Layouts – if you connect an external keyboard through otg cable and want to switch the layout with shortcuts (ctrl+space), then this app will be useful for You. There are Russian, Ukrainian and other languages.
  20. System Monitor Lite is a full – fledged task Manager on android, which is convenient and shows in charts and graphs the frequency of the processor, memory, network, battery stats, temperature, etc. the Interface is very convenient and intuitive

Light Manager – LED Settings – using this application, you can specify what colors and how often to blink the led on phone to inform You about that particular event in a particular application.

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