12 applications for work

  1. ASTRO File Manager – excellent file Manager. Very convenient and beautiful interface, there are taskmanager display the PID of the processes. Suggest!
  2. ES file Explorer is another popular and convenient file Manager.
  3. DataSync – synchronization of the application status between different devices on android. Now if you are on the phone to set up any application by yourself or took the game to a certain level, your tablet, these apps will have the same settings and the game will be passed up to the same levels as on the phone.
  4. AirAndroid allows you to connect your Android device to the computer, allowing You to access files, send/receive SMS, install/uninstall applications, and generally manage your device.
  5. Storage Analyser is a simple, intuitive app displays what and how much ate up disk space on your android device.
  6. Google drive – access files in cloud storage from Google.
  7. Google sheets – editing spreadsheets stored on Google drive
  8. DropBox – access files in cloud storage Dropbox + automatically upload photos from your phone to dropbox (if enabled).
  9. Clean Master (task Manager) is the app which copes well with cleaning your phone from unwanted debris. I use it if I don’t have enough free space in the system to install or update applications.
  10. WiFi File Transfer – allows you to download files from your phone or on a phone via wifi through the web interface.
  11. By Infinit File transfer – transfer files between devices peer-to-peer
  12. AndSMB (samba client) – this app helped when I had to map the network folder authorization from a network hard drive.

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